Structure and administration

The Public Buildings Art Fund in Iceland was founded in 1982 and is responsible to the Ministry of Culture. The Fund is governed by a board of 5 members appointed by the The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Two members are representatives of the union for fine art (SIM), one is representatives of the union of architecture (AÍ) and one by a joint committee on public works, and the chairman is appointed without nomination.

Members of the board from 1st of July 2008 - 30th of June 2010:

Sveinbjörn Hjálmarsson, chairman
Hafsteinn S. Hafsteinsson, lawyer
Ástríður Eggertsdóttir, architect
Hrafnkell Sigurðsson, artist
Ingunn Fjóla Ingþórsdóttir, artist   

The day- to- day business is executed by the managing director Ingibjörg Gunnlaugsdóttir at SÍM office, Hafnarstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík.

 The Fund administers about 8-10 public art project every year.

 The Fund has a large database on art in state-buildings from 1983 until today. See project